Friday, April 12, 2013

Bowling Banquet

Last Wednesday was the last night of my bowling league.  I was super sad about it because I really enjoyed it, and being unemployed, it gave me something to get out and do.  I started out the season doing fairly well for never really bowling before. I started with a 10lb. ball and soon enough I got my own ball, and jumped up to a 12 lb. My average was going up a little bit every single week, when most people usually stay about the same.  I didn't know the 3 other people on my team at all, but we quickly became good buddies and we always had a good time when we got together.
Last night we had our banquet with everybody, at the Timbermine....holy yumminess.  We had fried mushrooms for our appetizer, now I don't usually like mushrooms, but these were pretty darn delicious, and I wouldn't complain if I had to eat them again. There was so much food, I'm pretty sure I should have unbuttoned my pants about half way through the meal.  I got the prime rib, and I'm pretty sure it came from heaven, I ate all of it, I said to heck with the baked potato and went to town on the meat...which I devoured completely.  Then they brought out cheesecake, I'm pretty sure they were trying to make me explode.
We had a few awards, and surprisingly, I got "Most Improved" for the Women!
My average went up 12.15 points throughout the season! My highest score was a 183 :)  I was pretty darn excited, and it made it even better that I got $25 out of it.  Also, when we bowled, if you didn't open (get a strike or spare) in the 5th frame, you had to put a dime in the pot...I'm pretty sure our team contributed the most, there was a total of about $130 from everybody...but they did a drawing, and I won $10 from that!
I'm really going miss it, I did sign up to be with my team again, "Split Happens" (I picked the name, with a little help from friends) for next season, in the mean time, I'm going to have to keep up my practicing so that we can win 1st place next time!  We came really close this year, like 2nd place, which is exciting because its really the first time that anybody on my team has joined a league before.
SOOO, if anybody feels like going bowling, call me up! I'm always ready to go!
*peace out girl scout*

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